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Pearl Tom and Cymbal Stands TC-930

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TH900S Short Tom Arm Uni-Lock Tilter

Uni-Lock Tilters

The Uni-Lock Tilter delivers smooth, gearless cymbal and tom positioning.

CH930 Boom Cymbal Holder

CH930 Boom Cymbal Holder

The Pearl CH930 is a tour-ready, high-impact cymbal holder perfect for adapting to existing stands and rack set-ups; giving full access to crashes, splashes, and rides all around the drum kit.  Its Uni-Lock tilter delivers nearly limitless angle adjustment, and the extended, solid hide-away boom arm allows for positioning as close or as far as your reach requires.  Includes plastic wingnut and cymbal cup and die-cast boom joint.

ADP30 3-Way Clamp

ADP30 3-Way Clamp

Removable 3-way ADP30 clamp offers independant height and angle positioning.

TC930 Tom/Cymbal Stand Double Braced Legs

Double Braced Legs

Double-braced support tripod provides a solid mounting base.

TC930 Tom/Cymbal Stand Insulated Pipe Joints

Insulated Pipe Joints

Insulated pipe joints for rock-solid height and silent stability.


Uni-Lock Tilter


No Rattle Tubes


Double Braced Tripod


Ultra-Grip Wingnuts and Wingbolts


Large No-Slip Feet