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Pearl Reference Metal Snare Drum RFS1465

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Reference UltraCast Shell

True to the Reference Recipe, every aspect of these drums is pre-selected to draw specific sonic character from the shell. Each thick shell is milled from an 8mm cast metal tube to its desired thickness, for explosive power, dynamic crack, and smooth sensitivity. 


Glide-Lock Strainer

(US Patent #7220905, #7301087, #7365256.) Pearl’s SR-1000 Strainer includes a locking throw off lever and separate tension knob that won’t loosen no matter how hard you play. This low-friction technology permits smooth gliding action for ultra quiet, super precise motion. 


BRL Swivel Bridge Lugs

Allow for increased projection, reduced shell contact, high-tension, and precisely aligned, no-bind tuning.

MasterCast Hoops

A strong, reliable Die-Cast hoop for increased volume, attack, and overtone control.



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Pearl Reference Cast Steel Snare Drums are made to cut through walls of high volume instrumentation to deliver bright, searing snare tones.  

This head-turning sound starts with a seamless 8mm cast steel cylinder that is precision milled to a final 5mm thickness, where the shell's main 2.5mm shell body is milled. This results in solid sonic cut, high snare sensitivity and reduced buzz overtone.

The total weight of the drum is increased with the addition of the Reference dual swivel bridge lug, bringing added volume and tuning control.  

Pearl Mastercast hoops add control and power, and the combination of the no-slip Glide-Lock strainer and "D" Profile Ultra-Sound snare wires add articulation, making it a must for aggressive musical styllings, pronounced recording and high-volume live performance.   

Model Numbers







2.5mm Cast Steel with 2.5mm Edge "Rings"


BRL Swivel Bridge Lugs      

BRL-55  BRL-65


Stainless Steel


SR-1000 Glide-Lock


SN-1420D  Ultra-Sound "D"-Type