Zildjian 14 A Avedis HiHat Pair

This new addition to the Zildjian “A” Family is a sonic recreation of the vintage "A" sound from the 1950's. Each cymbal in this collection delivers immense musicality and features a thin, loose, played-in feel with a great balance of bright and dark overtones. The A Avedis HiHats feature a Medium bottom cymbal that is a little bit heavier than the Thin top in order to deliver that prominent chick sound.

* Patina Finish

* Low to Mid Pitch

* Warm Sound

* Long Sustain

* General Volume

* Medium Thin Weight

* Medium Weight

* Thin Weight


Genre(s): Christian, Genre(s): Country, Genre(s): Funk, Genre(s): Fusion, Genre(s): Gospel, Genre(s): Jazz, Genre(s): Latin, Genre(s): Pop, Genre(s): RandB, Genre(s): Rock, Genre(s): Session, Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter

Low to Mid Pitch

Size: 14"

Long Sustain

Cymbal Type: HiHats

General Volume

Hihat key: Pair

Top: Thin Weight

Bottom: Medium Weight

Skill Level(s): Advanced, Intermediate, Professional