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Samson UM177 Lavalier

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The UM1/77 Micro Diversity System is a high-performance UHF wireless system at prices that make sense for all kinds of video professionals. The UM1 Micro Diversity receiver operates on the 600 MHz frequency UHF band where there's much less RF interference. Truly compact, it mounts easily onto virtually any type of video camera using the supplied strip of Velcro. It can even be powered directly by the camera's own 12-volt power supply (if available), making it easy to integrate into any traveling or fixed installation video system.

Equipped with sophisticated circuitry for superior reception and crystal-clear audio, the UM1's wide range of features make it ideal for commercial videographers, corporate and broadcast video professionals. The unit includes a pair of tuned antennas and provides both balanced and unbalanced outputs (with three-position output level switch) and a headphone monitor output with continuously adjustable level control. The UM1 also features an audio peak LED, dual receiver indicators and an RF strength meter.

The UM1 is available in six different channels, all operating in the less crowded UHF bandwidth, so multiple UM1 systems (each tuned to a different channel) can be used in the same location without interference. The true diversity technology on this receiver also maximizes active range (up to 300 feet) and reduces potential interference problems through automatic switching between two independent receivers. Additionally, built-in companding noise reduction in all components ensures crystal-clear sound with minimized background noise and hiss.

  • Super-compact 9V battery-operated Micro-Receiver (2.63" wide x 4.21" high x 0.91" deep).
  • Unbalanced output with level switch.
  • DC input for external powering.
  • Variable Squelch control and Power switch (internal).
  • Available lavalier mics include:
    Samson LM5 Omnidirectional, QL5 Unidirectional and LM10 Omnidirectional elements.
  • Locking balanced mini-XLR output with level switch.
  • Supplied XLR to mini-XLR cable.
  • Headphone output with level control.
  • Specially tuned, molded antennas.
  • Special carry case included.