Samson MixPad® MXP144FX

  14-Channel Analog Stereo Mixer with Effects and USB

MixPad® MXP144FX Compact, 14 -Channel Analog Mixer Stereo menunjukkan komitmen Samson terhadap kualitas, keterjangkauan dan spesifikasi profesional. Mixer ringan ini menawarkan semua kejelasan sonic, kemudahan penggunaan dan kinerja premium sesuai permintaan para musisi.


  • Ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • Six Class A, MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic preamps
  • Four stereo channels with multiple input options (1/4” and RCA)
  • High-integrity, bidirectional USB interface
  • 100 24-bit, low-noise digital effects
  • Four TRS inserts for external signal processing
  • 3-band active EQ
  • High-quality, precision 60mm faders
  • Four single-knob, studio-quality compressors
  • Pre-fader Aux Send for monitor mix
  • Post-fader Aux Send for external effects
  • All mic channels equipped with input Gain and high pass filters
  • 48V Phantom Power for condenser microphones
  • Multiple outputs: Main Mix, Mix 2, Phones and Tape
  • XLR and 1/4" Main Mix outputs
  • USB/Tape inputs assignable to Main Mix or Mix 2/Phones outputs