Rotosound TB10 Tru Bronze

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Acoustic Brass Alloy

The 80/20 alloy still proving a popular serious alternative to the 92/8 category.

The brass windings guarantee high energy transfer offering a tighter more controlled tone.

Johns thoughts on his strings of choice…

In my search for the clearest set of bronze strings, I tried some old Rotosounds in black and red packets that I had somehow managed to hang on to for years. They sounded really good, bright and well balanced but with a rich tone.

The company were amused to hear that anybody should still have strings going so far back but assured me that, several packet designs later, their new strings were still the same quality. Rotosound bass strings have a high profile world-wide which may have overshadowed their guitar strings.

6 String Sets

TB10      10,     14,      20w,      28w,      40w,      50w
TB11       11,     16,      22w,      30w,      42w,      52w
TB12      12,     16,      24w,      32w,      44w,      54w