Rodgers Masterpiece Series 908 Organ

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  • 8 selectable historic temperaments
  • Master volume control
  • Console digital/analog clock
  • Programmable crescendo
  • LED expression indicators
  • Lighted pistons
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Stereo auxiliary audio inputs/ouputs
  • Reinforced velocity-sensitive keyboards
  • Programmable audio maps
  • Programmable tremulants
  • Programmable MIDI foot switch
  • Lighted see-through music rack
  • Adjustable console and pedalboard illumination
  • Locking hardwood rolltop
  • Transposer (+6/-5 semitones)
  • Master tuning control
  • Organist memory card and card reader
  • LCD console display with QuickMenu™
  • True Chimes™
  • Bass coupler
  • Melody from Swell coupler
  • Melody from Choir coupler
  • Lift-lid storage bench

Available Options

  • Custom stoplists
  • Over 500 tonal selections in the Rodgers sound library
  • Wood keyboards
  • Tracker touch keyboards
  • Various console styles and trim
  • Wood lattice music rack
  • Special and custom finishes
  • Deluxe adjustable bench or bench blocks
  • Interface to existing or new pipes
  • MIDI sound module with over 1,100 more voices

Sample Specification

Engraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3


Contre Bourdon 32Contre Violone 32  
Principal 16Violone 16  
Subbass 16Bourdon 16  
Bourdon Doux 16 (SW)   
Octave 8   
Gedackt 8   
Choralbass 4Nachthorn 4  
Mixture IV   
Contre Bombarde 32Contre Basson 32  
Bombarde 16Basson 16 (SW)  
Trompette 8   
Clairon 4Rohrschalmei 4  
Great to Pedal 8   
Swell to Pedal 8, 4   
Choir to Pedal 8   


Cello Cèleste II 8Tibia 8   
English Horn 8French Horn 8Orchestral Oboe 
Festival Trumpet 8Festival Trumpet Enclosed 8English Tuba 8 
Solo on II   
Solo on I   
Solo on Pedal   


Spitz Geigen 8English Diapason 8  
Holzgedackt 8Concert Flute 8  
Erzähler Celeste II 8SATB AhSATB OoBoychoir Ah
Prinzipal 4Fugara 4  
Koppelflöte 4Flute d'Amour 4  
Oktav 2Flautino 2  
Larigot 1 1/3Sesquialtera IISifflöte 1 
Mixture IVRauschquinte IV  
Cromorne 8HarpHandbellsBrass
Choir Unison Off    
Swell to Choir 8   


Boudon Doux 16Contre Gambe 16   
Geigen Principal 8Geigen Diapason 8   
Bourdon 8Flûte Harmonique 8  
Viola Céleste II 8   
Flûte Céleste II 8StringsSlow Strings 
PrestantUnda Maris II 4  
Flauto Traverso 4   
Nazard 2 2/3   
Flûte à Bec 2Fifteenth 2  
Tierce 1 3/5Cymbale III  
Plein Jeu IV   
Basson 16Contre Trompette 16  
Trompette 8Trumpet 8  
Hautbois 8Oboe 8Voix Humaine 8 
Clairon 4Clarion 4  
Swell Unison Off   


Violone 16Bourdon 16  
Principal 8Diapason 8  
Rohrflöte 8Gedeckt 8  
Octave 4Principal 4  
Spitzflöte 4   
Super Octave 2Fifteenth 2Waldflöte 2 
Fourniture IV   
Trompete 8Trumpet 8  
ChimesHarpsichordSoprano AhAmens/Alleluias
Swell to Great 8   
Choir to Great 8   

Shoes (all with indicators)

  • Choir expression
  • Swell/Solo expression
  • Crescendo

Lighted Pistons

  • MIDI Great A, MIDI Great B, MIDI Swell A, MIDI Swell B, MIDI Pedal A, MIDI Pedal B, MIDI Choir A, MIDI Choir B, Great/Pedal Pipes Off, Great/Pedal Ancillary On, Swell Pipes Off, Swell Ancillary On, Melody from Swell, Melody fom Choir, Bass, Main Off, Antiphonal On, Flute Tremulant II, Main Tremulant II, Solo Tremulant, QuickMenu, All Swells to Swell Expression, Solo Expression on Choir, Great/Pedal Enclosed, Alternate Crescendo, Great/Choir Transfer

Combination Pistons

  • Great 1-5 (thumb), Swell 1-5 (thumb), Choir 1-5 (thumb), Pedal 1-5 (toe), General 1-10 (thumb and toe), General Cancel (thumb), Set (thumb)

Reversibles (thumb)

  • Swell to Pedal (thumb and toe), Great to Pedal (thumb and toe), Choir to Pedal, Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Swell to Choir, Contre Bourdon 32 (toe), Contre Bombarde 32 (toe), Tutti (thumb)

Memory Pistons (thumb)

  • Memory 1-5

Size and Weight

  • Console dimensions: 48.3" (122.7 cm) height x 58.5" (148.6 cm) width x 49.4" (125.5 cm) depth with pedalboard. Depth without pedalboard: 30.2" (76.7 cm).
  • Console (approx.): 575 lbs (261.4 kg); bench: 55 lbs (25 kg); pedalboard: 110 lbs (50 kg). Actual weights will vary depending on options selected.

Audio System

Bi-amplified audio with minimum 8 channels and 8 Rodgers Audiophile speakers. Custom speaker installations, antiphonal divisions and increased channeling are optional.

Rodgers maintains a policy of continuous improvement on its instruments and therefore reserves the right to change specifications without notice or obligation.

Organ Manuals: 
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