Rodgers Classic Series 559

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Rodgers Classic Series 559

Organ konsol Rodgers Classic didesain untuk memenuhi kebutuhan two-manual instrumen yang dibuat berdasarkan spesifikasi AGO dalam kabinet kecil – “sempurna untuk ekspektasi yang tinggi,” Seri Rodgers Classic menawarkan dua pilihan konsol, kedua kabinetnya dengan standard AGO yang dilengkapi dengan 32-note radiating concave pedalboard. Masing – masing menyediakan spesifikasi musik dalam rentang luas yang dipelopori oleh Seri Roland Classic dengan tambahan memperluasan library sound orchestra Roland berkualitas tinggi.

27 stops / 233 total voices
27 primary voices
81 Voice Palette™ voices
92 Library pipe organ voices
32 Library orchestral voices
General Pistons: 10
Divisional Pistons: 5 Great, 5 Swell
Couplers: 3 plus 6 Library/MIDI Controls
Tremulant: 2
Shoes:  1 Expression
Memory: 20 levels x 20 pistons (400)


  • AGO standard console design with 32-note radiating concave pedalboard
  • Hymn Player with 350 popular hymn tunes including introduction and verses
  • Velocity-sensitive pedalboard for timpani and other orchestral effects
  • Self-contained, self-adjusting pedalboard design eliminates risk of malfunction on uneven flooring
  • No special hardware needed to add external speakers
  • Pipe compatible
  • Expanded voicing menus
  • Simulated dark Piedmont oak case
  • Locking rolltop
  • Simple, easy-to-play design
  • Practice mode with built-in demo songs
  • Record/playback with music storage
  • USB data storage for registrations and song data
  • Satellite speakers: 2 x 15 watts
  • NEXT and PREVIOUS piston sequencer recall
  • 9 historic temperaments
  • Tuning control
  • M+, M-
  • -6/+5 transposer
  • RSS room modeling
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • MIDI in/out
  • Pipe organ modeling technologies
  • Bass coupler
  • Melody coupler