Rodgers Allegiant 698 Organ

Hubungi Kami Untuk Pembelian



  • 184 stops including Chimes and Zimbelstern
  • 50 internal Roland orchestral sounds
  • American, English, German, and French specs with Mix-and-Match™ to create your own instantly available registrations
  • Built-in record and playback
  • Combination action with 10 generals, 20 divisionals and 10 toe pistons
  • Divisional cancel pistons for Great, Swell and Choir
  • 20 internal memory levels
  • USB memory storage
  • PDI II™ stereo imaged sounds
  • Choir/Great/Pedal expression, Swell expression, crescendo pedal (all with indicators)
  • 8 MIDI/ORCH piston couplers access all 50 internal orchestral voices or external MIDI sound module
  • Large LCD screen with easy-to-use controls
  • Organ can easily be interfaced to play winded pipes
  • Internal 2-channel digital audio amplification with four speakers in dual ported bass reflex cabinet (2 x 50-watt). Four band internal and external audio equalization system. Optional external systems of 2 to 10 channels. Rodgers offers a wide range of audiophile speaker and amplifier options to meet the demands of any installation.
  • Natural wood cabinet available in a variety of finishes with optional trim packages
  • Velocity-sensitive keyboards; wood and tracker-touch options
  • AGO pedalboard standard; parallel pedalboard optional
  • Front storage bench; optional bench with blocks, adjustable bench, lift-lid bench, or parallel pedalboard bench
  • Lighted music rack
  • Lighted pedalboard
  • Note-by-note and rank-by-rank voicing
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Control of desired acoustics via Roland/Rodgers Sound Space room modeling
  • 8 selectable historic temperaments
  • Transposer (+6/-5)
  • Master volume control
  • Locking rolltop
  • Made in the United States of America

Orchestral Voices

  • Grand Piano, Pop Piano, Concerto, Elec Piano 1, Elec Piano 2, Harpsichord, Harpsichord 2, Harp, Glockenspiel, Music Bells, Tubular Bells, Handbells, Elec Organ 1, Elec Organ 2, Elec Organ 3, Elec Organ 4, Classic Guitar, Nylon Bass, Pop Bass, String Ensemble, String Quartet, MX Strings, Lush Strings, Violin, Slow Violin, Cello, Pizzicato, Synth Strings, Choir, Boy Choir, Voyager, Valve Brass, Trumpet, French Horns, Saxophone, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Bassoon/English Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Woodwinds, Pan Pipes, Warm Synth, Fantasia, Timpani, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Ride Cymbal, Triangle


  • Tab controls: Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Choir to Pedal, Swell to Great, Choir to Great, Swell to Choir, Swell Unison Off, Choir Unison Off, Great Tremulant, Swell Tremulant, Choir Tremulant
  • Piston controls: Chimes, Zimbelstern, Bass, Melody from Swell, Melody from Choir, Great MIDI/ORCH A, Great MIDI/ORCH B, Swell MIDI/ORCH A, Swell MIDI/ORCH B, Choir MIDI/ORCH A, Choir MIDI/ORCH B, Pedal MIDI/ORCH A, Pedal MIDI/ORCH B


Engraved StopVoice Palette 1Voice Palette 2Voice Palette 3


Violone 16Double Open Diapason 16Bordun 16Montre 16
Principal 8Open Diapason 8Prinzipal 8Montre 8
Gemshorn 8Dulciana 8Quintadena 8Gambe 8
Rohrflöte 8Stopped Diapason 8Gedackt 8Bourdon 8
Flûte Céleste II 8Harmonic Flute 8Doppelflöte 8Flûte Harmonique 8
Octave 4Principal 4Prinzipal 4Prestant 4
Spitzflöte 4Spire Flute 4Spitzflöte 4Flûte à Fuseau 4
Quint 2 2/3Twelfth 2 2/3Nazat 2 2/3Quinte 2 2/3
Super Octave 2Fifteenth 2Oktav 2Doublette 2
Mixture IVFurniture IVMixtur IVFourniture IV
Double Trumpet 16Waldhorn 16Posaune 16Bombarde 16
Trumpet 8Tromba 8Trompete 8Trompette 8


Geigen Principal 8Geigen Diapason 8Spitz Geigen 8Diapason 8
Viole Céleste II 8Salicional II 8Schwebung 8Viole Céleste II 8
Bourdon 8Chimney Flute 8Rohrflöte 8Cor du Nuit 8
Prestant 4Geigen Octave 4Prinzipal 4Prestant 4
Flûte Octaviante 4Harmonic Flute 4Koppelflöte 4Flûte Traversière 4
Cornet IITwelfth 2 2/3Nasat 2 2/3Cornet II
Flûte à Bec 2Fifteenth 2Waldflöte 2Octavin 2
Plein Jeu IVChorus Mixture IVRauschquint IVPlein Jeu IV
Bombarde 16Bassoon 16Kontra Fagott 16Contre Trompette 16
Trompette 8Cornopean 8Fagott 8Trompette 8
Hautbois 8Oboe 8Dulzian 8Voix Humaine 8
Clairon 4Clarion 4Rohrschalmei 4Clairon Harmonique 4


Spitz Geigen 8English Diapason 8Geigen 8Diapason 8
Holzgedackt 8Concert Flute 8Holzgedackt 8Bourdon 8
Erzähler Céleste II 8Dulciana Céleste II 8Dulcet II 8Voix Céleste II 8
Principal 4Fugara 4Prinzipal 4Prestant 4
Koppelflöte 4Flute 4Koppelflöte 4Flûte à Bec 4
Octave 2Fifteenth 2Oktav 2Quarte de Nazard 2
Larigot 1 1/3Dulciana Cornet IIISesquialter IILarigot 1 1/3
Mixture IVSharp Mixture IVScharff IVCymbale III
Corno di Bassetto 16Bassoon 16Rankett 16Basson 16
English Horn 8Clarinet 8Regal 8Cromorne 8
Festival Trumpet 8Major Tuba 8Schweitzer Trompete 8Trompette de Fête 8


Contre Violone 32Double Open Diapason 32Prestant 32Bourdon 32
Principal 16Open Diapason 16Prinzipal 16Montre 16
Subbass 16Stopped Bass 16Bordun 16Bourdon 16
Bourdon Doux 16 (SW)Lieblich Gedeckt 16 (SW)Pommer 16 (SW)Bourdon 16 (SW)
Octave 8Violoncello 8Oktav 8Montre 8
Gedackt 8Bass Flute 8Gedeckt 8Flûte 8
Choralbass 4Fifteenth 4Choral Bass 4Flûte 4
Mixture IVQuint 10 2/3Mixtur IVFourniture IV
Contre Bombarde 32Ophecleide 32Fagott 32Contre Basson 32
Bombarde 16Trombone 16Posaune 16Basson 16
Trumpet 8Tromba 8Trompete 8Trompette 8


Size and Weight

  • CONSOLE DIMENSIONS: 48.3" (122.7 cm) height x 58.6" (148.8 cm) width x 46.5" (118.1 cm) depth with pedalboard; depth without pedalboard: 27.5" (69.9 cm).
  • WEIGHT (approx.): Console, pedalboard and bench: 775 lbs (352.3 kg). Weights are approximate and will vary depending on console options ordered

RoHS compliant to meet worldwide environmental concerns.

Rodgers maintains a policy of continuous improvement on its instruments and therefore reserves the right to change specifications without notice or obligation.

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