Pearl P2052C Eliminator Redline Chain Bass Drum Pedal – Double

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The Pearl P2052C Eliminator Redline Chain Bass Drum Pedal delivers double capability along with innovation never before applied to this incredibly important tool. Not only is it built like a tank, but it's also completely customisable with regards to set-up so that you get arguably one of the best kick-drum experiences available today.

* Twin chain drive double bass drum pedal with interchangeable cam system

* Specially developed ninja bearings for incredible smoothness

* Click lock spring tension adjustment for an optimised response

* Quad surface beater to switch between felt and hard plastic timbre

* 3-position foot plate to shift leverage to your desired rate

* Reversible traction plate to suit your required amount of resistance

* Stunning brushed metal finish will look great as part of any kit

* Includes a Pearl branded protective case

Ninja skills

The P2052C Eliminator looks absolutely stunning, but scratch beneath the surface and you unearth components that deliver. NiNja ball-bearings have been specially developed for the ultimate in fast, smooth and silent performance so that you get the best accuracy.

To adjust the resistance to your exact liking, the P2052C Eliminator employs a new rotor tension cradle. This nifty device locks the spring into a required position and keeps it there. No twiddly adjustments and last minute tweaks needed, simply lock in place and have the perfect resistance every time.

Take the power back

The footplates of the P2052C Eliminator can be moved into 3 different positions, changing the pivot point. This menas you can set the drive angle to create a light, regular, or strong feel. This works in conjunction with the uni-lock beater angle cam that features the floating Spring Pendulum design that is perfectly centered on the clamp for full bearing movement and maximum smoothness.

The footplates of the Pearl P2052C Eliminator also features a reversible traction plate allowing you to change between a smooth and rough grip to get the amount of slip or non-slip to tailor suit your playing style.

Zero interference

Other features of the Pearl P2052C Eliminator that ensure you get a totally interference free playing experience include a stainless-steel hinge and a roller-hoop clamp for easy and secure attachment. Finally, the quad-surface beater gives you a choice of felt or hard plastic response so no matter what your style, you'll get a great sound too.

Never before has something that's been designed to be stamped on been so innovative. Rock solid build and flowing with innovation to deliver power and glide, the Pearl P2052C Eliminator Redline Chain Bass Drum Pedal will take your playing pleasure to new heights.

ModelP2052C Eliminator Redline Chain Bass Drum Pedal
Drum Pedal TypeDouble, Chain Driven
Features Ninja Bearings Click-Lock Spring Adjustment Control Core Beater Powershift Function Uni-Lock Beater Angle Cam Zero-Play hinge Independent Traction Grips Roller Hoop Clamp
FinishBrushed Metal
Included AccessoriesPearl Branded Protective Case