Pearl Hand Percussion Guiros

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 Pearl Hand Percussion Guiros

The PNG-20 Natural Gourd Guiro features two scraping surfaces: thin grooves on one side for a lighter sound, and thicker-cut channels on the other side for a beefier sound. The interior is coated with a fiberglass gel coat to add projection and volume to cut through the loudest Salsa bands. A rubber protective ring at the mouth adds strength and integrity to the shell. 

PFG20 Fiber Guiro

Comes with Gourd & Metal Surfaces, Stick Included

PMG20 Metal Guiro?

Perfect for Merengue Rhythms, Stick Included

(As shown in the picture w/ PGH20 Universal Holder on the top left)

PNG20 Natural Gourd Guiro

PGH20 Universal Gurio Holder

Fits 3/8" posts, includes 3/8" Z-Rod