Olympia HQE-0942 Electric Guitar Strings

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High Quality Olympia Guitar Strings HQE-0942


Olympia have been manufacturing strings for over 20 years and currently manufacture for some of the most respected names in the music industry. These strings are made from quality materials and to the same high standards. You save by not paying for a brand name.


These quality guitar strings are manufactures from the finest Titanium alloy in an exclusive process to assure a uniformed hexagonal shape.

This material is then chemically treated to prevent discoloration and rusting.

The strings are wound with a special steel, producing a higher magnetic response than more commonly used nickel alloys.

The result is the finest sound possible from your instrument.

 E.  1st .009 Plain Steel
B.  2nd .011 Plain Steel
G.  3rd .016 Plain Steel
D.  4th .024 Nickel wound
A.  5th .032 Nickel wound
E.  6th .042 Nickel wound