NUX Mighty 50X

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The Mighty 50X is a 50W digital guitar amplifier that will give you the sound you need!

Mighty 50X Digital Guitar Amplifier

By using 32bit DSP, 44.1KHz/24bit AD/DA converters and our TS/AC (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) technology, the Mighty-50 will supply amazing guitar amp and EFX sounds.

Functions such as a built-in tuner, MP3/CD input, a foot switch jack and a Headphones/MIXER output help your practice and show to be perfect!

A 12 inch custom speaker and 50 Watts of power create an amplifier that's small enough for your studio, yet loud enough for the stage.

Cutting edge tube clipping simulation algorithm. Three band vintage style EQ gives a tube guitar amp response. Four modulation effects including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser & Tremolo. Delay and reverb effects can be used with modulation effects simultaneously. Store up to four presets . Built-in tuner with 7-segment LED display.

Dual guitar inputs for vintage and hot guitar pickups. MP3/CD input allows jamming with an external music-playback device (mp3 player, etc.) Headphones/Mixer output.

Sampling frequency
44.1 kHz
AD/DA conversion
Signal processing
7-segment LED
Nominal Input impedance
AUX IN Input
250mW + 250mW (into 32? load)
Tuning Range
E0(20.6Hz) - C8(4186Hz)
Reference Pitch
A4 = 440Hz
Power output
50W RMS (THD + N: