Musser M500 Concert Grand Soloist

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The Concert Grand Soloist is highly regarded for its classic design and masterful, rich tone in the note range of C2-C7. A choice among professional recitalists for its presentation and tone, the 5-octave marimba features beautiful rosewood bars with rounded accidentals. The select wide-graduated rosewood bars provide a rich, full tone. Light staining, hand rubbing and a clear finish on the bars accentuate the beauty of the rosewood.

With a furniture quality hardwood frame and copper vein powder coated resonators, the M500 Concert Grand Soloist marimba is a stunningly handsome instrument.

Musser’s most technically advanced marimba creation, the M500 Concert Grand Soloist features tunable aluminum alloy resonators secured by bolts and lock-nuts. Fine tuning a marimba allows the player to customize sound within the limitations of acoustics, temperature and humidity. With the Musser patented resonator caps, tuning in the range of C2 to C3 is quick and accurate, even in the lowest register. Resonators feature two position settings for placement.

Masterfully designed for the concert performer, the entire instrument disassembles for transport. The frame is height adjustable from 33.5" to 38", with durable locking casters for smooth transport and durability. Folding resonators and rails and detachable end pieces pack securely.

Octave Range 5 Octaves

Note Range C2-C7

Standard Tuning A=442

Option Available A=440 A=445

Bar Material Rosewood

Bar Graduation Wide Graduated

Resonators Aluminum

Tunable Resonator Yes

Resonator Shape Straight

Resonator Finish Copper Vein

Powder Coat

Frame Style Wood Open End

Frame Finish Natural Wood Stain

Height Adjustable Frame Crank Style Height Adjustment

Shallow Drop Covers Standard

Pro Padded Cover M145MB

Optional Cases M151 (ATA) Set of 5

Low End Width 41"

High End Width 16"

Length 107"

Height 33.5"-38"