Musser M3PM Practice Marimba

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Introducing the new Musser M3PM 3 Octave Practice Marimba. "If it is 3PM ....... then it is time to practice!"

Great Musser quality of sound without the resonators.

Full 4 graduations of bars of Padauk wood for real playing experience.

Instrument with bars already attached and assembled, x-stand, cover and mallets all in one box and ready for immediate set up and playing.

Frame built so that the M3PM can stand on its' side and be kept out of the way against a wall to save space. Also the instrument can be slid under a bed for space savings.

'Reversed Post' technology on the bumpers so that the bars will not fall off when tipped on side.

Weight of instrument is at 34 pounds - 12 pounds lighter than competition.

Can be shipped UPS but it is oversized and gets an extra charge.