Musser M300 Classic Grand

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The versatility of the Symphonic Grand and Classic Grand marimbas allows the percussionist to perform in any environment. Wide graduated Kelon® bars, a Musser exclusive, deliver superb tone that is highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The marimbas produce rich, mellow sound, whether supported on the wood concert frame, or the sturdy steel Moto Cart.

Classic Grand Models M300 and M360, in the 4.3 octave, A2-C7 range, are adaptable to either the field pit or orchestra stage. The Classic Grand on a concert frame features gold finished, arched and mitered resonators. The M360 marimba with a Moto Cart frame includes straight, durable silver vein resonators.

Version Concert Frame

Name Classic Grand

Octave Range 4.3 Octaves

Note Range A2-C7

Standard Tuning A=442

Option Available A=440 A=445

Bar Material Kelon

Bar Graduation Wide Graduated

Resonators Aluminum

Resonator Shape Arched & Mitered

Resonator Finish Gold Powder Coat

Frame Style Wood Open End

Frame Finish Black Plextone

Shallow Drop Covers Standard

OEM Mallets M229

Pro Padded Cover Option M130MB

Lined Dust Cover Option M230MB

Optional Cases M157 for M300 only. Set of 5

Low End Width 32"

High End Width 15.5"

Length 82"