Martin Audio LE2100S 3-Way bi-amp 2x12 inch High power monitor

Stage Monitors

Martin Audio introduced the first LE monitor, the LE200, in the 1970’s. Since then its successors, the LE400 and LE700 have become industry standards selling in their thousands and gracing the most prestigious stages for an unrivalled who’s who of artists.

The LE2100S, LE1500S and LE1200S stage monitors are capable of generating exceedingly high SPL’s with a minimum of distortion. They are housed in contemporary styled, camera friendly cabinets of lightweight, yet exceedingly robust construction and are eminently suitable for any reference situation.

Martin Audio has long been heralded for ground breaking horn design and the differential dispersion horns in the new LE Series continue that tradition. Differential dispersion horns allow high SPL’s and consistent coverage to be achieved without running into feedback or excessive spill problems. The performer is therefore, free to move over a wide area without hearing significant changes in frequency or SPL.

LE Series Monitor – still the definitive reference to which others aspire.


Three-way bi-amp, very high power, differential dispersion stage monitor

The Martin Audio LE2100S is a very high performance monitor designed for large-stage applications where maximum SPL’s are required. It features twin, high-specification 12” (300mm) low frequency drivers, a unique 6.5” (165mm) midrange device and a 1” (25mm) exit compression driver mounted on a differential dispersion horn. Differential dispersion technology increases the area over which a constant SPL and consistent frequency response is maintained at ear height, enabling the artist to move around more freely.

The LE2100 is best used with the DX1.5 controller to provide crossover, limiting and EQ functions.


Two 12" (300mm) ultra-long excursion high power, neodymium motor bass drivers

6.5" (135mm) high power, phase plug loaded neodymium motor midrange driver

1" (25mm) exit titanium dome, neodymium motor compression driver

Optimised constant directivity differential dispersion HF horn

Symmetrical array, 3-way, bi-amp design

Contemporary, multi-laminate ply and hardwood cabinet

Frequency response 56Hz-18kHz ±3dB, -10dB @ 48Hz

4 ohm nominal impedance

Discreet connectors

Fitted with 4 x M8 rigging inserts


High power stage monitor

Flown infill via optional yoke

Technical Specification


TYPE Three-way reflex stage monitor with symmetrically arrayed 2 x 12” LF, phase plug loaded MF and differential dispersion HF horn


-10dB @ 48Hz

DRIVERS 2 x 12” (300mm)/3” (75mm) voice coil, ultra-long excursion, water resistant cone

6.5” (165mm)/2” (50mm) ccaw ribbon voice coil, water resistant cone

1” (25mm) exit, 1.7” (44mm) voice coil titanium dome HF compression driver

RATED POWER (2) LF: 800W AES, 3200W peak

MF + HF: 250W AES, 1000W peak



MF + HF: 102dB

MAXIMUM SPL LF: 130dB continuous, 136dB peak

MF + HF: 126dB continuous, 132dB peak


MF + HF: 8 ohms

DISPERSION (-6dB) 60º - 100º horizontal (differential dispersion)

60º vertical

CROSSOVER 606Hz active via DX1.5 or DX2 controller 3kHz passive

ENCLOSURE 89 litres

FINISH Textured black paint

PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black perforated steel

CONNECTORS 4 x Neutrik NL4

FITTINGS 4 x skids

4 x M8 inserts

DIMENSIONS (W) 826mm x (H) 385mm x (D) 582mm

(W) 32.5ins x (H) 15.2ins x (D) 22.9ins

WEIGHT 39.5kg (87lbs)