Manhasset Noteworthy Music Stand Collection Model Plan-O-Gram

Hubungi Kami Untuk Pembelian

  • New Accessory Packaging Plan-O-Gram
  • MANHASSET® has repositioned its music stand accessories which can be displayed in a 4 foot section of gondola in stores.
  • The accessory plan-o-gram includes many products that are already excellent sellers for MANHASSET® customers and some newly packaged accessories that will be great sellers.
  • The new packaging is designed to attract even more attention at retail for dealers to help drive sales
  • The accessory plan-o-gram includes 27 great selling products, such as the Wind Instrument Stand System with Instrument Pegs, Music clip sheet music holder, Accessory Shelf LED Music Lamp, Floor Protectors, Universal Tablet Holders and more!
  • These products will produce profitable sales for dealers in small amount of space that they will occupy.