K Custom Zildjian 18 K Custom Special Dry China

Hubungi Kami Untuk Pembelian

K Custom Special Dry are the original dry cymbal remastered for today’s modern musical styles. These raw and earthy cymbals deliver a dry, funky sound with a quick fast attack, lots of dirt, yet shuts down quickly for a powerful expression of personality.

Extra Thin to thin in weight

New hole pattern to allow for maximum trash and white noise

Natural Finish

High Pitch

Mid Sound

Short Sustain

General Volume

Thin Weight

  • SKU: K1420
  • Genre(s): Alternative,
  • Genre(s): Christian,
  • Genre(s): Country,
  • Genre(s): Electronic,
  • Genre(s): Funk,
  • Genre(s): Fusion,
  • Genre(s): Gospel,
  • Genre(s): Hard-Rock,
  • Genre(s): Hardcore,
  • Genre(s): Hip-Hop,
  • Genre(s): Indie-Rock,
  • Genre(s): Jazz,
  • Genre(s): Latin,
  • Genre(s): Marching,
  • Genre(s): Metal,
  • Genre(s): Orchestral,
  • Genre(s): Other,
  • Genre(s): Percussion,
  • Genre(s): Pop,
  • Genre(s): Praise and Worship,
  • Genre(s): Punk,
  • Genre(s): Rand B,
  • Genre(s): Rock,
  • Genre(s): Session,
  • Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter,
  • Genre(s): Synth-Pop,
  • Genre(s): Techno,
  • Genre(s): World
  • High Pitch
  • Size: 18"
  • Short Sustain
  • Cymbal Type: Special Effects
  • General Volume
  • Thin Weight
  • Skill Level(s): Advanced, Intermediate, Professional