Jupiter 1100 Series JTS1100SG Tenor Saxophone

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The JTS1100SG silver-plated saxophone is a perfect example of classic manufacturing with modern technology. The elegant lines complement the quality materials used in producing these spectacular horns. The JTS1100SG is the perfect tenor saxophone for the committed student or seasoned professional.


The Silver-Plated Sona-Pure Neck is created using special artisan tooling and annealing processes that results in a dark, vintage tonal quality

Silver-Plated Brass Body is made from the highest quality brass and finished with a bright silver-plate ensuring fine playability and tonal brilliance

Contoured Left-Hand Table Keys with Tilting Bb Rocker Arm provides more comfortable fingering and added agility for the advancing student

Key of Bb

Silver-Plated Brass Body

Silver-Plated Brass Neck

Gold-Lacquered Brass Keys

Sona-Pure Neck

High F#

Metal Tone Boosters

Blued Steel Springs

Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws (Patented)

Adjustable Metal Thumb Rest

Adjustable Palm Keys (Patented)

Backpack Softcase