Jupiter 1100 Series JAF1100XE Alto Flute

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The Jupiter JAF1100XE Alto Flute with straight and curved sterling headjoint establishes a new standard in performance quality. Players new to harmony flutes discover a facility and ease of playing that promotes confidence as they master the fascinating repertoire available to players today.


Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body provides not only durability but enhanced tonal quality and lasting beauty

Straight & Curved Headjoints add longevity by allowing the player to grow with the instrument and helping to maintain correct posture

Split E Mechanism dramatically improves the response of high E resulting in better pitch and more accurate overtones

Key of C

Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body

Sterling Silver Straight and Curved Headjoints

Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys

Offset G

Plateau Keys

Stainless Steel Springs

Double Skin Pads

Leatherette Covered Wooden Case with Cover