Jupiter 1000 Series JFL1000RBO C Flute

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Silver Plated body and keys plus a Sterling Silver headjoint give the JFL1000RBO a full rich tone. Features open hole design, B foot and offset G. Comes with French case and cover.


.925 Sterling Silver Headjoint offers the player a darker, richer tone with greater warmth, projection, and power

Open Hole Keys allows for more clarity and a quicker response while allowing the player to partially cover keys for more precise intonation

B Footjoint extends the range of the instrument to low B as well as providing a darkened tonal color to the instrument

Key of C

Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body

Sterling Silver Headjoint

Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys

Offset G

Open Hole Keys

Gizmo Key

French Case and Cover