Jupiter 1000 Series JCF1000 Contrabass Flute

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The Jupiter Harmony flutes have established a tradition of providing excellent performance quality instruments. They have become known for their excellent scale, balance, and tone. The new JCF1000 Contrabass flute extends that same tradition of sound and style into the lowest octave.


Silver-Plated Yellow Brass Headjoint combines the strength of yellow brass with the rich tone quality of silver plating

An Adjustable Floor Peg is designed for maximum comfort for the player while playing

A Wheeled Case offers the player a convenient method of transporting the flute

Key of C

Silver-Plated Yellow Brass Body

Silver Plated Headjoint

Silver-Plated Yellow Brass Keys

Offset G

Plateau Keys

Adjustable Peg


Range to Low Bb

Wheeled Wooden Case with Cover