Jupiter 1000 Series JBF1000 Bass Flute

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The Jupiter JBF1000 bass flute allows players to expand their skills and repertoire. The ease of playability of the Jupiter JBF1000 Bass Flute are hard to beat. Ideal for the flute choir or school music program, the Jupiter 523S bass flute produces a wonderfully projecting and focused sound.


Silver-Plated Headjoint, Body and Keys provide both durability and a brilliant tonal quality while ensuring great playability and lasting beauty

French Keys with Pointed Arms give the flute a refined and elegant look, improved key strength, and more even pad wear

An Adjustable Crutch allows the player to rest the flute comfortably on the thumb giving better instrument balance and control

Key of C

Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Body

Silver Plated Headjoint

Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys

Offset G

Plateau Keys

Hidden Adjustment Screws

Double Skin Pads

Leatherette Covered Wooden Case with Cover