Hubungi Kami Untuk Pembelian


Controllers: Master, Select, Power Amp, Cab/Mic, EQ, SAVE, HOME, LED Toggle


With no battery compartment

Supports both Windows/Mac OS


IR sampling info:
IR file format: WAV
Sampling accuracy: 24bit
(supports 16/24/32 bits third party IR files)
Sample rate: 44.1kHz
Sample’s length:1024pts


  • 128 tone store positions, supporting MIDI controlled devices changing tone real time.
  • Different interfaces are suitable for various venues.
  • DI balanced output: for connecting to the mixer, sound card recording during live performance.
  • Headphones: Stereo headphones output for home practice.
  • Thru: Can connect to amp’s FX LOOP or other cabinet simulation devices for stereo output.

*Caution: Phantom power CAN NOT be applied to R-08 XLR OUT



Effect typesCabinet simulator, Power amp simulator, IR loader
Effect numbers20 Cabs, 11 Mics, 4 power amps, 20+10 IR slots
ControlsMaster, Select, Power amp, Cab/Mic, EQ, Save, Home
Input Jack6.35mm
Output Jack6.35mm mono+ XLR + 3.5mm stereo
Input Impedance2.2MO
Output Impedance470O
XLR Output Impedance:470O
Headphones Impedance:35O
Rated current consumption300mA
Working VoltageDC 9V (center minus)
Signal Bypass TypeBypass
LED ModSync, Always, Off
Battery poweredNo