Gibraltar Cajon Pedals GCDCP

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 Gibraltar Cajon Pedals GCDCP


GCDCP Gibraltar Chain Drive Cajon Pedal w/ 2mm cable, pedal mount, and carry bag 

In 2012/13 Gibraltar introduced the award winning GCP Strap Drive Cajon pedal with mount to address the growing cajon market. The GCP Cajon pedal has a great price point and has introduced many drummers and percussionists to an affordable new option for using a cajon as a bass drum for playing low volume acoustic drum set situations.

Now you can take your playing to even a higher level. Gibraltar has designed a second Cajon pedal designed for the player that wants a familiar chain drive feel and fast action in a cajon pedal without the weight, cost and bulk of the double pedal style designs.

New fast touch “G” branded smooth pedal board

Chain Drive CAM system

Upgraded cable system

Adjustable cajon pedal mount