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Ludwig's Grand Symphonic timpani series reflects the evolution of design.

To this day, Ludwig's patented Balanced Action™ tuning pedal is widely imitated, yet never matched. The new rolled-lip copper kettle is specially designed to hang within the suspension ring like a bell, extending the range to a 7th of the most overtone-free pitches ever to sound from a timpani. These one-piece bowls are hammered one at a time. Sturdy pull rodes are built within the struts for safety and a clean appearance, while friction blocks sit astride the main horizontal pull rod, supporting the balanced action on both ends of the range. The reliable and fully adjustable pedal activated tuning gauge comes standard with all Ludwig timpani.


Hammered Copper

LTG720KG 20"

LTG723KG 23"

LTG726KG 26"

LTG729KG 29"

LTG732KG 32"

LTG702KG Set of 2 (26" & 29")

LTG704KG Set of 4 (23" & 32")

LTG705KG Set of 5 (20" & 32")

Previous Grand Symphonic Models Still Available


LKG723KG 23"/58 cm

LKG726KG 26"/64 cm

LKG729KC 29"/72 cm

LKG732KG 32"/78 cm