Celestion LF Cast Chassis Ferrite FTR15-4080HDX

* 15" ferrite woofer provides 1000Wrms (AES standard) power handling and a frequency response of 40Hz-2500Hz

* 4" high temperature Inside/Outside voice coil efficiently dissipates heat, preventing sensitivity loss through thermal compression

* Double suspension and a “multi-roll” surround provide exceptional linearity at extremes of cone excursion

* Intelligent heat management in both chassis and magnet assembly design further minimizes distortion

* Less than 10kg – very low weight for this product class

8 Ohm Frequency Response

1. Tested for two hours using a continuous, band-limited pink noise signal as per AES standard. Power calculated on minimum impedance. Loudspeaker tested in free air.

2. Measured on axis at 1W, 1m in 2p anechoic environment.

3. Xmax derived from: (voice coil winding width-gap depth)/2.

4. Small signal parameters measured after unit subjected to pre-conditioning signal.


* Nominal diameter 381mm/15in

* Power rating (1) 1000Wrms

* Nominal impedance 8 Ohm

* Sensitivity (2) 96dB

* Frequency range 40-2500Hz

* Voice coil diameter 100mm/4in

* Chassis type Cast aluminium

* Magnet type Ferrite

* Magnet weight 3.1kg/110oz

* Coil material Round copper

* Former material Glass fibre

* Cone material Glass loaded paper with weather-resistant impregnation

* Surround material Cloth-sealed

* SuspensionDouble

* Xmax (3) 8mm/0.33in

* Gap depth 9.5mm/0.37in

* Voice coil winding width 25mm/0.99in

Small Signal Parameters (4)

* D 0.33m/12.99in

* Fs 40.5Hz

* Mms 153.53g/5.42oz

* Qms 3.98

* Qes 0.36

* Mmd 139.38g/4.92oz

* Qts 0.33

* Re 5.10O

* Vas 104.27lt/3.68ft3

* BI 23.53Tm

* Cms 0.10mm/N

* Rms 9.81kg/s

* Le (at 1kHz) 1.8mH

Mounting Information

* Diameter 385mm/15.16in

* Overall depth 180mm/7.1in

* Cut-out diameter 351mm/13.82in

* Mounting slot dimensions 10mm x 7mm/0.39in x 0.27in

* Number of mounting slots 8

* Mounting PCD range 365-375mm/14.37-14.76in

* Unit weight 9.7kg/21.3lb

Packed Dimensions & Weight

Single pack size W x D x H 435mm x 435mm x 200mm / 17.1in x 17.1in x 7.9in

Single pack weight 11.5kg/25.4lb

Multipack (36) size W x D x H 1210mmx1050mmx980mm / 47.6inx41.3inx35.4in

Multipack (36) weight 380kg/836lb