CG Conn Step-Up Model 6D Double French Horn

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About the Model 6D

An intermediate Kruspe wrap horn, this horn offers a great value for an intermediate horn.

The Conn 6D is an excellent choice for students who are ready to move up to their first double horn. The small throat bell and unique wrap make this a very responsive horn that is well suited for players at a variety of ages and skill levels. Available with detachable bell as model 6DS. Also availble in silver-plate finish as model 6DSP and silver-plate with detachable bell as model 6DSSP .

Conn "Artist" - Key of F/Bb

.468" bore

12" small throat yellow brass bell

Yellow brass mouthpipe

Branches and slide crooks

Nickel silver outside tubes

Tapered rotors and bearings

All string linkages

Clear lacquer finish

Conn 2 mouthpiece

7613C plastic shell case.