CG Conn Professional Model 8DY Double French Horn

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About the Model 8DY

The Conn 8D offers the flexibility and projection a horn player needs to succeed at all levels. Its traditional large throat bell and lighter weight yellow brass bell combined with nickel construction gives this horn a brighter sonority of sound.

The Conn 8D has been one of the world's most popular horns for decades. It maintains a design that makes the horn very responsive and free-blowing with excellent tonal balance. The 8DY features a traditional large throat yellow brass bell that gives a brighter sonority of sound. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. Well suited for players of all ages and abilities.

Conn "CONNstellation" - Key of F/Bb

.468" bore, Kruspe wrap

12-1/4" large throat yellow brass bell

Yellow brass first branch and mouthpipe

Nickel silver slide crooks and slide tubes

Tapered rotors and bearings

Mechanical change valve

Adjustable lever bridge

Clear lacquer finish

Conn7BW mouthpiece

7614C plastic shell case.